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We are old souls driven by a contagious can do attitude to push towards the future. We are creatives. We are innovators. We are storytellers for a non-linear world. We are passionate. The creative team at Parroco aren't just editors, shooters, musicians, animators and modelers. They are artists. Artists who continually push the boundaries beyond the norm. We strive to not just work with clients but create relationships and trust so we can fully grasp their message and deliver it in a new and creative way. 

At Parroco we have over 35 years of trusted world experience. From video production to scoring and graphic design to 3D modeling, our team at Parroco is ready to take on anything. We love what we do and we strive to love who we do it for even more. So no matter what your project is, no matter how giant or small it may be, our answer will always be "Yes, we can knock that out for you". Why? Because we can. Because thats who we are.




Jim began his career as a professional studio musician. With over 30 years of experience, his natural talent and ability to understand the needs of others allowed him to quickly move from technician to management to executive positions within production companies and advertising agencies. He specializes in custom communications, public relations, and government contracts management. He has managed, directed, and produced in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville, internationally on five continents, and has managed budgets ranging from ‘pro-bono’ into the millions of dollars.Jim’s credits include Polo Ralph Lauren, British Airways Television/CTN, ESPN, CBS Sports, Rescue 911, Sodexo North America, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Jason Upton, The Family Channel, The 700 Club, ABS, The Jesus Film Project and original television and CD music projects. Jim has also produced public awareness television campaigns concerning teen pregnancy, AIDS and drug abuse in Ghana, West Africa and medical documentaries for cancer treatment. His work as a producer and editor has earned numerous Addy, Telly Golden Cine, and ITVA awards. Jim has developed broadcast pieces that have aired in 120 countries in 63 languages reaching an estimated 700 million viewers. He has personally interviewed former Presidents Bush, Carter, and Ford; former Secretary of State James Baker; former Governor Mike Huckabee; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and TV Host Larry King. 

Jim’s key to success is his willingness and ability to listen to and deliver what his clients truly want. 

“I’m there to deliver the client’s message, not my own. Their agenda is my agenda.”



I am a video editor and content creator at Parroco. I strive to create cohesive, emotional, and excellent stories by piecing together various elements into a single video. I love to tug on the heartstrings of the viewer. I want you to be invested in what your watching. Whether that investment is tears, laughter, or a pull on your heart to give; my goal is that you walk away moved. As a video editor my creativity is projected through my videos and that creativity is never put in a box. Let's create something of excellence.


Portrait Photography
Lead Photographer

Campus Harvest



Simply put, I'm a creator. At Parroco I get the ability to stretch out in all of my creative avenues. My job ranges from graphic design, motion graphics, web design, 3D, editing, filming, lighting, audio engineering, score writing and what ever else I can get my hands in. I have a passion to create. I love seeing the full picture come together and see the culmination of all parts of my craft and or all parts of our team come together and build something beautiful and inspirational.


Jim Beam VIP Bar Graphics
Creative Director & Designer

Cruzan Jet Ski Wrap
Creative Director & Designer

Branding for Norfolk Jazz Festival and Bayou Boogaloo
Creative Director & Designer

Norfolk Fest Events Website Design

Baker's Crust Website Design
Designer & Food Photographer



A powerful visual experience can change a life. At Parroco, I wear the hats of Digital Marketing Guru, Creative Director and Video Editor. I’m passionate about watching ideas come to life through content development then sharing it with the world through Social Media.